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Chairman's Message

Being the largest country in the Middle East and borders  Saudi Arabia has got very important role in the Middle East. It's existing excellent geographical location, borders, Arabian Gulf, Red Sea and North Yemen make Saudi Arabia's role powerful and most effective.
Its extensive coast line on the Gulf and Red Sea provide it with the leverage in shipping as well as its border with GCC and Arab Countries gives advantage in overland transportation.
More than SR.300 billion worth of civil construction contracts have been awarded in recent years. The construction companies are growing into a more sophisticated chain management coupled with a new range of logistics products, making the business of transportation and logistics, domestic or foreign on the threshold of developing set of alternatives to cater the increasing demand of transportation and logistics.

Falcon Freight is at the forefront of the market today because of deep commitment to our vision. We have set higher standards to adhere and accomplish. We are proud of our highly motivated team that has undoubtedly enabled us to forge ahead in this competitive industry. Our team develops a solution, the way our customer likes to work.

Nasir Ahmed Al Qahtani
chairman-Falcon Group

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